John Donald

Precious Statements, Biography



Jewellery designer and goldsmith

FT, Watches and jewellery

14th November 2015

Telegraph, Luxury supplement

24th September 2015

Article on John Donald, Telegraph Donald’s work is a wonderful example of innovation, freedom of thought and expression, and the exhibition is a time capsule representing an era of design that British jewellery will never witness again. Joanna Hardy
24th September 2015 John Donald describes himself as an “accidental goldsmith”. There was nothing in his background that set him on the path to becoming a jeweller. Emma Jacobs
14th November 2015

Goldsmiths Hall Exhibition

22th Sept - 4th Oct 2015

‘In Conversation’ with Louisa Guinness

25th September 2015

John Donald Precious Statements Exhibition Opening To coincide with the Goldsmiths Fair, 2015, the Company are showcasing a one-off exhibition celebrating the ground-breaking work of British jeweller John Donald.
To coincide with the showcase exhibition of his work and the publication of his biography ‘Precious Statements’, jeweller John Donald, one of the leading figures in Britain’s jewellery Renaissance of the 1960s spoke to art jewellery expert and gallery owner Louisa Guinness about his extraordinary career.

My Favourite Painting, Country Life

30th September 2015